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Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania ...

Button Buck Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Spring Valley, Minnesota ....

Linda's Speedway / SpeedSTR

Jonestown, Pennsylvania ...

Spirit Auto Center Speedway /  All-Star Slingshots

Bridgeport, New Jersey...

RPM Speedway / RevStar

St. Marcel, Québec, Canada

Hamlin Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Hamlin, Pennsylvania....

Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania...

RPM Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

St. Marcel, Québec, Canada...

Action Track USA / SpeedSTR

Kutztown, Pennsylvania...

Oakland Valley Speedway / All-Star Slingshots

Cuddebackville, New York

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Myerstown PA. February 1st, 2018

The SE / AT USA Awards Banquet is Friday Feb 2nd.Doors open at 5PM,buffet will be open at 6PM and awards ceremony will follow.Bear Creek Resort is in Macungie,PA.I will have t-shirts along with the inventory that is left.

I will be at the shop on Sat Feb 3rd from 9AM to 1PM weather permitting,but right now it looks promising.

We are looking into having the shock covers back into our inventory as the sizes were given to a company looking to make them for us.Our previous supplier has discontinued those services.

Albany Indoor info was to be released by Sammons Motorsports in regards to car drop off and trailer parking.Both nights are 2 individual events.

Registrations are coming in daily,we will be taking all owners packets to the banquet and to Albany,from what is not taken,they will be mailed out.Hopefully they will not sit in a NY Post Office for 11 weeks like they have in the past.

The tour schedule is being revised,a mixup in the Feb. dates for Flomaton and NW Florida is being addressed right now.We are in communication with Southern Speedway in Milton,FL for a complete weekend at their facility.We hope to have it finalized by Monday.Rich will possibly address this at the banquet.

Looking over the schedules I took notice of the AT USA dates in August and as of now the Junior National will be run on August 15th and the All Star Slingshot Super National run on August 16th.The All Star Slingshot Super National will open the 3 day Super National slate with Linda's slated for August 17th and Pocono Int. Raceway for Aug.18th.

Memorial Day weekend will have the regular Friday and Saturday tracks racing with Lanco slotting the Slingshots in on Sunday May 27th and Action Track USA on Monday May 28th.

The May 6th Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport will be All Stars only because of age restrictions in New Jersey.

Skyline Raceway Park is looking at building a smaller oval using the infield and race track similar to Bridgeport.They are also looking at adding the Slingshots to the dates they plan on racing when this track is built.They also have asked the All Stars and Juniors to race in their Sunday July 22nd event.Jim Pollard is looking to coordinate more dates there.

Myerstown PA. January 22nd, 2018

The SE / AT USA Awards Banquet is coming up Friday,Feb 2nd at Bear Creek Resort from 6 to 10 PM,you must be present to receive your award(s) or have a family member present,due to a school or sports function.We have not received any response for the following drivers:Brian Tobey,Jr.,Austin Daniels,Michael Glass,Tyler Ulsh,Austin Homan,Nicho Flammer,Kyle Swart,Jim Pollard,Austin Stufflet,Travis Bieber,,Matt Miller and Gavin Santee.

There are engine and bodies done for Sleight,Pollard,Mohr,Elliott & Romer.

I will be here weather permitting on Feb 3rd from 9 to 1 PM for parts,pickup or drop off,registrations or what is left of the t-shirts.

This is a friendly reminder that if you did not get your 2017 Champions shirt there are certain sizes that are dwindling fast.Here is the up to date inventory after Motorsports: Small 13  Med 2  Large 12  XL 4  XXL 9 and XXXL 5.I'll gladly bring them to AC and I also have some on hold for a banquet delivery.There is no current plans for a reprinting,so when they are gone that is all.

Please make sure your car is registered for the 2018 season.It does not matter if you are just an indoor racer or a weekly racer or a tour racer,the car must be registered for the 2018 season.

The Pocono Int Raceway Super National will be run at the end of pit road with barriers on the inside and tires in the turns,Track size was estimated at 1/5 mile.This race is scheduled to be part of Super National Events # 4 with Action Track USA on August 16,Linda's Speedway August 17th and Pocono August 18th.

We are not in charge of the Sammons Indoor Point Series,the point system and payout is based on the Sammons Motorsports system used.

Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Slingshot racer John Rooks who passed away over the weekend.John was a spirited competitor at Hamlin and area speedways in his # 28 Slingshot.

Hope to see some ,good clean,hard racing in AC this weekend.

Myerstown PA. January 17th, 2018

We have not yet received ticket order responses for the following drivers which are receiving awards at the Speedway  Ent. / Action Track USA Banquet Friday Feb 2nd from 6 to 10 PM at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie PA:

Brian Tobey,Jr. /  Dave Carraghan / Austin Daniels / Mike Glass / Tyler Ulsh / Alex Yankowski / Austin Homan / Decker Swinehart / Joe Chisholm / Nicho Flammer / Kyle Swart / Jim Pollard / Austin Stufflet / Travis Bieber / Matt Miller / Tommy Stillo

Trevor Bixler and Gavin Santee.Orders taken after January 22nd must be picked up at the door.

If you put an order in by the end of the day Thursday for a Motorsports pickup,I will bring them along.I will be at the SE / AT USA display.

Motorsports is coming this weekend and Rich said he would take parts there for pickup if we know by the end of the day or by 9 AM Thursday morning.We are hoping for nothing but the best for Slingshot driver Lindsey Garl who will be running for Miss Motorsports 2018.Brett Bieber will be having his car on display at the PPB display and Nick Del Campo will have his # 05 at the Action Track USA display.I'm hoping to have the 2018 tour schedule ready for handouts.I will have registration forms along.Doug Rose will be taking pit spot payments there as well for the Action Track USA.

The AC Indoor race is coming up on the 26th and 27th with a paid practice (Optional) on Thursday from 5 to 10 PM.The Feb 9 & 10th races at Albany are 2 separate events with 2 separate payouts.They are looking at a 40 car max entry and currently it was at 34 entries.

The World Series of Dirt Championships will be held on Oct 12,13 & 14 at Selinsgrove Speedway and Selinsgrove Raceway Park.There is an optional move in day on Thursday the 11th.This will be the final races for National points for both the All Stars and Juniors.As stated in a previous email,there will be a Speedweeks for the All Stars,but NO regionals.

Speedweeks dates are as followed:
Aug 1 Action Track USA
Aug 3 Linda's Speedway
August 4 Shellhammers Speedway
Aug 6 New Reading Fairgrounds
Aug 10 Selinsgrove Raceway Park
Aug 11 Hamlin Speedway

We are currently out of shock covers.I personally might be making them after I look at the dimensions and the best materials to be used.

Bead protector sales have been brisk and we currently do not have any raw ones in stock,blue,red and black are still here.

2017 Champions t-shirt orders are still being taken.If you want to pick them up at Motorsports I need to know by 10 AM Friday morning.Motorsports opens Friday at 2 PM.Sat at 11 AM and Sunday at 11 AM.

We want to send our condolences to Randy and Denise Smith of S&S and Hamlin Speedways on the passing of the Randy's mother.

It's hard to believe that I have been involved with the Slingshots for 12 years now.They truly have become a steppingstone for many talented drivers and also a form of racing that keeps the older drivers and crew members involved.It is still one of the most family involved auto racing classes today.I want to thank everyone that has been a part of this great form of racing and good luck in your future plans in both the Slingshots and bigger cars.As stated to me by a few former Slingshot owners and drivers that have moved up,there are times they wish they came back.

Myerstown PA. January 8th, 2018

First off,congrats to Danny Buccafusca and the S&S Team for their Allentown Indoor win on Saturday night.Anthony Raisner received the Scrapper of the Race Award worth $150.00 for being the driver who made up the most spots from starting spot to finishing spot.Next up will be the Jan. 26th and 27th weekend at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall.Paid practice will be held Thursday night the 25th.Entries are still being taken.

Tires as per the 2018 Rule Book:
Tires: Carlisle/DURO branded SYS, dealer purchased only
 A. 16 X 6.50 only LS tire allowed. No tire softeners.
 B. All legal Slingshot tires allowed on RS: 16 x 6.50, 18X 8.50 or 18 X 9.50 DURO or Carlisle, Sawtooth, both front and rear. No adding grooves or siping is allowed. C. All Slingshot tires may be used on all racing surfaces.

SE and AT USA Awards.Banquet tickets are still being sold.They will be mailed out until January 22nd,all orders after that will be picked up at the door.Banquet is Friday Feb 2nd from 6 to 10 PM at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie,PA.

2017 Champions shirt inventory is quickly dwindling.,I did make a few size trades so here is the current size quantities.
Small  14     Medium  4   Large  18   XL 11   XXL 15  XXXL 5
Payment by check,money order,cash or by PayPal to starterone@aol.com is forms of payment,check must be made out to Mike Feltenberger.Shirts are $20.00 each and a 1 time $9.00 shipping charge.
Body work is ready for Mohr,Millard, Sleight and Vinciguerra.
Engine work is completed for Sleight and Circuit Pro Tour.
Right now,the next Saturday I plan on being here will be February 3rd.

2018 Registration decals are now completed and owners packets will be made up and delivered to all teams in AC and mailed to the rest.
The Action Track USA schedule is finalized and was handed out at Allentown,with all details also ready for anyone stopping by the SE and AT USA booth at Motorsports.I will also have registration forms along there.Doug will be taking pit space rentals for AT USA at Motorsports also.As a quick FYI,the 1st 5 weeks of the season will not be Weds.Opening night is Sunday May 13th and there will also be a race on Memorial Day Monday May 28th for all regular classes including the Junior Slingshots

The World Series of Dirt weekend has been approved by Selinsgrove Speedway management with move in day being Oct. 11th and racing the 12th,13th and 14th.There are 2 Action Track Night at Linda's this year with those dates being April 27th and Sept.14th.The April 27th will be National Series races for both the All Star and Junior Slingshots.
The complete tour schedule will be finalized as soon as I get the 6 National Series race dates from Canada.
Congrats to all track and tour champions to top runners.The World Series Super Nationals start Feb 23rd and 24th at Flomaton Speedway in Flomaton ,AL and Northwest Florida Speedway in Baker,FL.
Jim Strouse will soon be available for anyone looking to beat the early season rush on inspections.
Danny Serrano has added a Friday night (July 20) at Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport to make up the 5 races for the 2018 Poker Series which was won by Brett Bieber there in 2017.They have a nice weekly and Poker Series point fund at Spirit with Richard Partite taking the regular series crown.
I will be discussing the Pocono Super National to be run during Indy Car weekend on August 18th.Payout seems to be quite good,with tow money being paid to all teams that DNQ


Myerstown PA. January 2nd, 2018

Allentown Indoor is Saturday the 6th and schedule was posted on the FB Group Page.Anyone wanting Action Track USA / Speedway Ent. Awards Banquet tickets,I will bring them to the PPL Center for pickup.I need to know the quantity and payment by 4PM on Thursday.

I will also bring 2017 Champions shirts if anyone would like to pick them up.Cash or check made out to me will cover that and eliminate the $9.00 shipping.I will also need to know by 4PM Thursday.

2018 Registrations have been coming in and your car must be registered for the 2018 season to run since it went into effect on the 1st.

The World Slingshot Championship schedule is being finalized and will be made public soon.Awaiting final dates from Canada.The Juniors will be basically be included in the same schedule except for the races in New Jersey due to age restrictions.

We are not in charge of any indoor entries,all of that including actual car entry goes through Danny Sammons at AARN 609-888-3618.Please contact them right away if you have any interest in any of the upcoming 3 indoor events.

2011 bodies are still legal for 2018 and any former legal body is allowed for the indoor events.There will be a Fan Fest so please have driver and team news items handy.It goes a long way into getting sponsorships.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and looking forward to a great racing season in 2018.

I will not be here any Saturday in January,sorry, but between the Allentown,Motorsports,AC and the Eastern Motorsports Press Association banquet the 12th and 13th,the weekends are shot.

 Anyone looking for Action Track USA videos,Gary Silverman will have them in supply at Motorsports.

Thanks for your support,looking to see many of you at the PPL Center,like I said earlier,I will bring banquet tickets and t-shirts if ordered by Thursday afternoon.

Myerstown PA. December 8th, 2017

I was told the i's transfer weirdly and they will be fully seen when the shirts are printed. All shirts will be $20.00.Payment can be by cash if picking them up here or at the banquet or meeting me near Reading. Checks made out to me or use of PayPal ( to starterone@aol.com).The expected pickup date is Dec. 18th or possibly sooner. I will UPS them out right away if you want them shipped and are paid for. Shipping for any quantity will be $9.00.


The 2018 registration will begin on Jan.1,2018.Your car # will be put on hold until Jan. 31st.If we do not have your registration by then, you car # can be taken by someone else. If you are planning to use your car as a rental, please put House Car in driver name slot.
All entries for the upcoming indoor races must be registered.

I will be here Sat. the 9th from 9AM to 1PM and we have banquet tickets here for the Speedway Entertainment / Action Track USA Awards Banquet on Friday Feb 2nd.

Current body orders can expect a 6 week finish time. We are currently in the midst of building 4 new cars for orders and those bodies are being prepared now. Some of the earlier orders have been cut, but are awaiting bending.

The indoor racing entry lists have been expanded for Allentown and Albany. The present counts are Allentown  34 out of 40  AC 40 out of 50 and Albany 30 out of 40.Please check out the indoor racing website for info and entry forms.We do not receive the entries they go to Danny Sammons at Area Auto Racing News in Trenton,NJ.

The World Slingshot Championship will also include the Juniors at most venues except for Spirit Speedway @ Bridgeport due to age restrictions. Mike Batz at Linda's is working on the waiving of the 12 year old minimum for the Junior races planned there in 2018.

Gary Mondschein, Rich and I have finally got what we have been trying for many years now and that is to have a race on the Pocono Raceway. This will be held on August 18th under the Classic Racing Times Promotions. Track time will begin around 5PM. Indy Car drivers and owners have been known to stick around after their day of practice and qualifying to watch these races that have been presented. Imagine having Will Power or Ryan Hunter Reay driving one of your Slingshots......

Doug Rose is finalizing the 2018 Action Track schedule and at the current time, there will be quite a few early season surprises.

I'm working on the World Slingshot Championship schedule which I had poster earlier with the change being Pocono added on Aug 18th.

Our shock cover maker has decided to cease operations, so I'm looking at other outlets or possibly making them myself with some help of a few friends.

2017 Champions shirt proof is to be to me by 3 PM today. I'm hoping that everyone gets a chance to look them over, the shirt color is blackberry and I did some size rearranging due to selling out some of the smaller sizes last year.

Myerstown PA. December 4th, 2017

The annual Speedway Entertainment  / Action Track USA Awards Banquet will be held Friday night Feb,2,2018 at Bear Creek Resort at 6PM.Tickets are on sale at $45.00 for 15 and over and $40.00 for 14 and under. Award winners, please no t-shirts and ripped pants. Let's continue with the fantastic look that many of you have shown over the last few years. They will be mailed out unless someone wants to pick them up .The mailing deadline is January 18th now. They can be ordered up until banquet day.

I will be here on Sat. Dec. 9th from 9 AM to 1 PM.There is currently engine work done here for Dalton Maynard,Greg Sleight and Brian Smith.

The 2018 registrations are being approved by Rich and I should be sending out the email on Thursday.Anyone that has registered previously knows that your car number is yours until Jan. 31st,after that it can be used by anyone.Please make sure you list the drivers name on the left side of the form.Sorry,I'm not a mind reader.As a simple reminder,if your driver is running as a Junior in 2018 and starts the season at 14 but has a birthday during the season,they will still be given junior status until the season is over.If you are registering a car or cars that can be used as rentals,please make note of that.From the looks of the Facebook Group Page,there are some members seeking a ride or 2 during the season.

We are going to be looking at possibly adding a race that I have tried to make a go of for 6 years now and there is a good chance with some help of friends that this might happen in 2018.

Skyline Park Raceway in Cortland ,NY is looking to add small cars to their 2018 schedule and has asked if Slingshot teams would be willing to give the track a go.We have added them to our National Series races with a May 20th,2018 date.

I was totally surprised as upon reading a post about the tour that someone stated we are not running a tour next year.We did eliminate the regionals in part due to many teams that promised attending,didn't and we do not want tracks to planning on having 24 cars then only have 10 show up.We do this so race teams and drivers can broaden their horizons by adding different size and designed tracks and give them a chance to run for some added monies in most instances.The National Series in 2018 is basically the national events run in 2017 for the All Star Elite 11 championship.Next year it will be used for 1 of the criteria for accumulating points whether by home track or National Series.Juniors will be following the same tour as the All Stars except for the New Jersey dates due to age restrictions.Lindas Speedway is looking to waive the 12 year old minimum for a Junior race in 2018.

The current indoor entry totals are as follows: Allentown 30   AC 35  Albany 28.I believe the early entry fee deadline is a postmark of today.

As soon as I get the Champions shirt proof,I'll post it.Right now the shirt color is blackberry.SInce I had no mediums and larges left and more than enough XL's I cut back on them and added those shirts to the medium and large counts..They will be $20.00 each with no added costs for the bigger sizes.Due to the UPS price increase the shipping cost for 1 to 8 shirts will be $9.00.

                                              This offer is good through December 9th.

15% off a 10 FT. Box of Chain. Shipping will be extra. I will be here on Saturday from 9 AM til 1 PM if anyone wants to get a head start on Slingshot Christmas shopping.

Limit 2 boxes per racer's order.

Myerstown PA. November 21st, 2017

The 2017 Kit Specials are now available:
Kit 1
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body (Not Mounted)

All powder coated

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has an additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers Price 2216.29 w/o tax added

Kit 2
Slingshot Chassis
Inner Rails
Bumpers & Side Rails
Swing Arm
Complete Body ( not mounted)
Throttle Cable
Gas & Brake Pedals
2 Front Hubs
QR Steering Column
Complete Fuel Cell
Slingshot Seat  (Self Containment Seat has additional charge)
Seat Upholstery
2 5/8" Oil Pressure Gauge

Metallic and Candy Apple powder coating has additional charge
Multi color or annodized metal body has an additional charge

Racers price 2986.97 w/o tax added.

This offer will be in effect until December 15th.A 50% down payment must be made when ordered.Sheet metal color chart can be seen at wrisco.com.Powder coating chart can be seen at tiger-coatings.com

The 2018 All Star Elite 11 and Junior Great 8 tours will have a slightly different format.There currently will not be any regionals as was used in years passed for the All Stars.Points will be earned using 3 criteria,# 1 your best weekly track or National Series point standing,# 2 your points from 2 Super National weekends and # 3 points earned in the Slingshot World Championship (date and track being worked out).Juniors will follow thew same format.Currently in the scheduling stage are 5 Super National weekends with the tentative tracks being used will be:
Maple Leaf / Granby....RPM.... Vallee Jonction
Northwest / Jamestown.... Buffalo River
Great Lakes / Mississippi Thunder ....Button Buck
Sunshine / Flomaton....NW Florida
Mid-Atlantic / Action Track USA....Linda's....Hamlin
The National Series points (if used) is basically being scheduled where nationals were run in 2017 with some deletions possible.
There WILL BE a Speedweeks in 2018.

I want to apologize for the Indoor Racing error.I had asked Danny Sammons a few years ago about minimum age for all races outside of NJ and I was told that for the other races an underage exception wasn't required.I didn't realize that the insurance regulations also govern the age limitations.The current indoor entry totals are as follows  Allentown 28    AC  32 and Albany 26.Allentown and ALbany have a 30 entry max with any entry over that placed into the Will Call file if needed.

2017 Champions T shirt proof from Weikel Sportswear will be to me possibly next week.Shirt color is still undecided.I will be getting 12 dozen shirts of various sizes,I will not be getting any youth larges this year,it will start at adult small.XXL and XXXL will be ordered.I will not charge the additional $3.00 for the larger sizes.All shirts will be $20.00.They are pinpointing a delivery date prior to Christmas so they should be here for Xmas presents.

Myerstown PA. November 9th, 2017

The Sammons Motorsports Indoor Season is quickly approaching with the Allentown race less than 2 months away.Here is the current entry lists for which all races have maximum entries allowed.Here is the current car entry for each race:
Allentown / 20  Atlantic City / 21  Albany / 21.There is no minimum age for Allentown and Albany due to being in PA and NY.NJ has a 14 year old minimum age and also will have a car inspection for belts,fuel cell and drivers equipment.Helmet must be at least 2010 Snell rating and belts cannot be more than 2 years old at time of inspection.Head and neck restraint device is mandatory whether it be a HANS or equivalent.

The Chassis / Body Special is still proceeding on until Dec 15th.Kit 1 is 2216.29 minus any taxes and Kit 2 is 2986.97 without taxes.Extra costs for multi colored or anodized metal and metallic or metal flake powdercoating.

Banquet date for both Speedway Entertainment and Action Track will be Friday Feb 2nd at 6 PM at Bear Creek Resort.Tickets are $45 for 15 and older and $40 for 14 and under.

I will be here on Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM for anyone wanting to pick up parts or drop off engines and front axles and spindles for repair.Chassis work and swing arm repair is also being done.

We currently have a Kit Car and 3 complete car orders that we are taking care of but will have the time to repair your chassis or swing arm.

Engine work is picking up due to the indoor racing season.Make sure you have your engine in repair mode.There is a disassembly discount if it comes to us as a short block with NO tinwork,carb,manifold,flywheel,clutch and engine plate attached.As stated in the rule book,the soda-cap type engine seals are not legal.Red seals were last used in June of 2011 so if you have red seals on your engine,it's time to be looked at.

The Toby book is also here if anyone has a family member or friend looking for a copy at Christmas time.

The 2018 tour plans are being worked on and we are trying to hold our new National World Series races on the same dates in 2018 as they were in 2017.The plans call for all nationals in 2017 to be used as an alternate form of obtaining points for the World Series of Slingshot Championship and Junior Championship.Weekly track points use is the other form.The new point system will be based in obtaining points from 3 different ways:
1. Home track or the National Series
2.2 Super Nationals 1 being in your region and the other outside your region.
3.World Series Events at season's end next year.
More inclusive info will be given later.Speedweeks will also be scheduled again in 2018 with the 2017 car counts the highest in quite some time.

We are not a part of The Gobbler at Accord this season.Brett Deyo has accepted Accord promoter Gary Palmer's suggestion of using his sprint car class for this year.

I will be sending the names for the 2017 Champions shirt to Weikel Sportswear in hopes of having them ready for a Christmas delivery.Brett Bieber has decided that the 151 of Donny Hockman  be used in this years shirt as both Hockman Racing and Four B Family Racing shared the car duties for Brett's 2017 championship.Shelby McLaughlin's # 7 will be also featured as the Junior National champion.

Myerstown PA. November 2nd, 2017

The race at Mahoning this Sunday will not be a tour race,it will be a money and prestige race.Rich decided against this because of quite a few teams having World Finals plans in Charlotte.

Indoor entries are still being accepted and there is an early entry discount,so please don't delay in getting your entry in for any or all 3 indoor races with those being at Allentown,PP&L Center the 1st weekend of January,Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City the 26,27,28th of January and the new race which is really attracting some entries at Albany on Feb 9 & 10th.

Engine work completed here for Dalton Maynard and Dylan Hoch.

The SE Canadian dealer George Samson was here yesterday and the new tour plans were being discussed with dates slotted in for a 3 race weekend in Canada.

I will be releasing the new format soon.There will be NO regional tours in 2018,but I did keep the annual Speedweeks in tact for 2018.

Congrats to our Elite 11 National Champion, Brett Bieber and his car owners Four B Racing and Hockman Race Team for their accomplishments.For all of you that are not Slingshot FB Group Page members,Brett won the national tour,the MA Silver Tour,the MA Gold Tour,Speedweeks point crown and also placed 3rd in the Empire Region.

The S&S Team swept the All Star Beast of the East weekend at Oakland Valley Speedway with Jared Silfee fast time and the win and Scott Neary 2nd fast time and finishing 2nd.Nick DelCampo put his 05 into the top 3 with both an impressive time trial and 50 lap run..All cars that entered,started the 50 lap main.Thanks to Dave Allen,Hufcut Concrete,Malley Pool Service and Sean Hart for making this the highest paying Slingshot race.

The Great 8 Junior National point champion Shelby McLaughlin had a stellar year in her own right by winning the national championship and also being the Hamlin Speedway Junior Champion.She put an exclamation point on her season by taking home the $1000 Junior Beast of the East win at Oakland Valley.Really was hoping to see more Juniors entered,but it was a very close race with the top 3 all under a blanket at the finish.

The Speedway Entertainment / Action Track USA Awards Banquet will be held Friday Feb 2nd at 6 PM at Bear Creek Resort in Macungie,PA.Adult tickets 15 & over is $45.00,14 & under is $40.00 each.

I have decided to get 2017 Champions shirts made this season.Color of shirt still undecided.If you placed in the top 3 in any region,top 5 in Speedweeks,placed in the Elite 11 or Great 8 or also a track champion in their regular classes your name will be on this shirt.Brett Bieber has decided to put the Hockman 151 on the shirt this year and Shelby McLaughlin's # 7 will also grace the front of the shirt.Shirts will be $20 with no added cost for 2XL or 3XL.

To answer a few of the email questions,full containment seats are not mandatory,that is a driver safety issue for your team.Anyone can drive the PA or NY indoor races,the NJ race is age restrictive to no one under 14.

I have removed quite a few FB Group members,because of their posts.I will continue to monitor this.

If any of you would like a nice Christmas present for your older race fans in the family,the new Toby books are completed and we have received them.They can be mailed out or picked up.Also Gary Silverman has Action Track videos for sale.

Don't forget Daylight Savings Time is quickly approaching,make sure you turn your clocks back.

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